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Prepare To Make Money Without A Job

If you stay ready you can make money without a Job, To get ready you need to open a Bank account and a PayPal account while you have the money, $100 is all you need to open a Bank Account and PayPal is free and start Hustling. The way the Feds create money out of thin air, you gotta create multiple Income Streams out of thin air. One of my Income Streams is selling T-shirts and Hoodies that I design just by uploading the designs and the company brings them to reality which I  Promote and market  I sell them at to replace the disability checks this Neo-Nazi government refuse to give me. I mean it's my money the government took it out my paychecks ever since I started working over40 years ago. They literally stole money out my checks, so I got to hustle like this. 

Come on people  This is just a small sample of the T-shirts and Hoodies that I have created, there's a lot more at