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Twin Guitar

Say you, ya better come along and 'wave with the waves'
Be who you're meant to be, their words are their own
but they will never belong,try on the Rings of Saturn
with the Color of Mars it won't make you a Genius
just maybe a sound comin' down,from my "Twin Guitars"
We could be Black Diamonds struttin down the avenue
laughin' in tears, Mysterious as the Stars,Meditating with my "Twin Guitars"
Say Love Star don't look down cause you're High and Above
smile to light the way as we Trip upon love
look around float around Kiss and become a RAINBOW
Infant of Mother Nature we must make love to be love
for I am your Prince Imperial
Love Star you done travel so far so far
all you been doing is waving with the waves of my "Twin Guitar"

Traveling via Art

Check it; she got me ,she showed it to me yall
it was a "WORK of ART" it captured my eye
my eyes which has seen so much, now could not see anymore
my mind went blank and when it reappeared it was no more
what eye thought, what I think eye thought I saw
was not what eye saw, It was a TRANSPORTAL and it transported me
let me tell you,my MIND,BODY & SOUL,which had been trapped on earth
was no more. there was no more petty human concepts
of TIME, SPACE OR EMOTIONS,EVERYTHING that was and 'ever was to be'
transluscent BEINGS (being transported, careening layers of Ducoius
loping greatly sxpandatory networks thriving it's mass'es
grasping acres of itself, newly aquired SPUTNIKS remains RUBIDIUM
IT WAS NOT A :'WORK OF ART" it was divine Divinity
it was THE "QUEEN GODDESS" SHOWING herself to me
showing me LOVE because I am her SUN