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Moringa leaves possess anti-inflammatory, anodyne, ophthalmic, anthelmintic properties and they are rich in Vitamin A, C and D. They are useful in scurvy, wounds, tumors, inflammations and helminthasis, act as a general tonic for infants. The leaf of Moringa is 7 times vitamin C of the orange, 4 times Calcium of the milk, 4 times vitamin A of the carrots, 3 times potassium of bananas and 2 times protein of the yogurt. Moringa seeds are used as a water-soluble extract in suspension, leading to the effective natural clarification agent for highly turbid and untreated pathogenic surface water. Such seeds of Moringa make water drinkable as the turbidity and bacteria are reduced, and they are also used in preparation of cakes, and many other bites as a nutritive. Moringa seed oil is beneficial for hair problems and is widely used in preparing cosmetics. Moringa seeds are considered acrid, bitter, anodyne, anti-inflammatory, purgative, antipyretic, and ophthalmic. They are also used in trea…