You're Fired ,You're Good

Download ebooks for free Hey Party People whats Happenning Here's what going on with me.  I ran into a Homie from the Hood right, he was pissed off he just got fired, I told him he should celebrate,I asked him how much you making he fired back $8 ,  i shot backe  "Young Blood" look at it like this they was payin'you $8 for a hour of your time right, you know what? you can make more working for yourself, what can you sell that will bring you $10 every hour,he said I don't know,  http://percyt.organogold/ told him go to that hotdog stand at the mall but first print six coupons on a page offering free refills for a hotdog purchase or some other offer, go to Office Depot and make 20 copies of that page that will give you 120 coupons go to the Hotdog stand or any other business and tell them "you will not only make coupons for them but you will also pass them out, ok .You will get 20 dollars for making and handing out 100 coupons a day for 21 days a month and have them sign a contract, when you approach them Dress like a Businessman nice Shirt and Tie Dress pants plus Dress Shoes let them know you will dress like that everyday. now repeat that with 3 Businesses that will give you 4 contracts totaling $80 a day for 21 days now when you dress like a Business owner people will gladly accept coupons from you so you should be able to pass out 100 coupons in a half our or less that will give you $1680 in 21 days so get to it and "Hustle Hard cause closed months don't get fed on da Boulevard" while you gettin' paid start another business at
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