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Never To Old to Start
Our government believes they are responsible for creating jobs in this great country. Well, they have it all wrong. It is the American dream that has created most of the jobs. That's right—more than 60 percent of jobs created in America are created by the small businesses, according to the Small Business Administration.
Not that long ago, retirement meant long days punctuated by occasional games of golf and bridge. But today, with lengthening life expectancies and dwindling pensions, many Americans are looking to create their own jobs. Here are some tips for those of you that think you want to start your own business:
[In Pictures: 6 Numbers Every Investor Should Follow.]
Common characteristics. Mature entrepreneurs differ from their younger counterparts in several critical ways. For one, they are usually in a much better financial position than younger entrepreneurs. Their bigger financial cushion—retirement packages, nest eggs, or home ownership—afford…