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Helluva Dream

Image Alkaline Water Sports Cup
That's the dream Eye had. Walking East there stood the tall rocket ship which had a spacecraft hovering behind then there was a man holding the craft shining a Light thru it, eye entered it, I ascended into the top of it looking out a window high above the water a Building stood across the water, inside the craft there was layers of assembly lines as people moved back and forth up and down 20 feet or so like gymnyst they would effortlessly jump down, swing foward, leap foward,super feats there was push rods and levers putting us on a assign path of placement to fulfil our purpose eye stated I could not perform the assign super feats , and that my work was below across the water but eye could not get across the water, so he grab me from behind an held me across my stomach . he took me down while he performed incredible leaping an floating back an forth up an down,the door open to a cheering cro…


AOGI Alkaline Water Sports Cup


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and they don't Stop


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The 60's Music

Man ,I ran into her two years ago or SO
after 6 months I was ready to let her go
she was crazy, had no Goals and just a Little SLOW
didn't want to break her Heart
so I made her leave me
by not doing my Part
got back to my Crib and turned on da TV
Listenning to 60's music
sounded to damm Good to Me
took me back to what i used to be
a Man of Mystery a Man of History
Unlimited JOY and FFUN
Unlimited WISDOM, just Being ONE
Ain't Nothing like the Real thing Baby
Cause :"The Thrill is Gone"
But damm The 60's Music
That's when It was Born