Alkaline Water The Real Anti-Oxidant

We are about 70% water - yet we've basically ignored it! So now we are going to look at how water can change us fundamentally. But to do this I need to let you see what happens in an acidic body - bearing in mind that unless you are the one in 100 who is naturally alkaline, this means YOU!

Let's just imagine we've wolfed down a Super sized burger along with a giant sugary soft drink. Even while it's still in your mouth - your nerves are already sending signals to your belly. The chemicals in your mouth have sampled the pH of the food, and (don't ask me how), your nervous system has told your stomach how much of this monster meal is 'coming on".

Most people still think the stomach is a bagful of acid into which the burger is going to just 'ker-splosh'. It's just not true.

Your stomach is a vessel that is used to hold just the right amount of acid; not too much, not too little - as calculated by the mouth (and I suspect, the eyes - we've all heard the old saying, his eyes are bigger than his stomach!)

You won't see a big bag of acid down there. You'll see a precisely controlled mish mash, evolutionarily trained to work with just the right amount to break down the food and pass it into the lower gut for absorption. What you also won't see is the bicarbonate of soda that is also exuded from the bloodstream, and now coats the lining of the stomach to protect it from the acid. The acid, by the way, is also delivered to the stomach from reserves in the blood, known as the 'acid buffer'. If I have time, I'll talk about why older people are short on acids, but let's keep on track.

Now you've swallowed this humungous McMess, your body has had ample chance to understand that it just swallowed something with the potential to kill. It knows that if the pH of your blood falls to neutral 7 instead of its normal pH 7.35, you will go into a coma and die. Right now, courtesy of Fast Food and Drink Corporations, you body is being flooded with acids and your blood pH is beginning to fall. Your adrenals are screaming! They are telling you things are dire; but guess what?

You've interpreted the message as the 'hit' you always get when you gulp a Coke. You've actually learned to love it!!

The adrenals are our early warning system. They are telling all of our systems to drop everything and source some alkaline minerals or negative hydrogen to neutralize this acid flood. Our major organ systems are hard wired to respond because this is a survival imperative. It's been with you since Paleolithic times. You don't digest dinner when a dinosaur is chasing you - you never have, because you've learned that death is the result of both scenarios.

So what happens down there? Well, the 'all systems alert' firstly calls on the pancreas, because one of the pancreas's jobs is to secrete alkaline chyle to neutralize the acids now mixed up with the food you have now tossed around in your stomach.

The real problem is that you've been making a habit of this. Not only have you eaten a Burger, Fries and Soft Drinks for lunch, you've been downing beers, eating lots of sugar in fruit because someone told you you should eat more fruit, and you've been stressed out at work. You've been robbing the pancreas so long that it's just exhausted. It has nothing more to give.

So the next port of call is body tissues. "Alkalis? Alkalis? Anyone?" "Sorry. None here." Next stop is bones and teeth, and yes, we actually erode our own skeleton to feed our acid habit.

Acid Overload

In the meantime, because our blood pH is plunging dangerously, the stomach has been told to stop what it's doing and let the body use its limited available energy to work on alkalizing this deadly acid flood, so what does it do? It dumps its half processed McLoad into the lower intestine.

It's acidic, it's lumpy, it's half digested, and the poor old pancreas, the gate keeper to the lower intestine, can't do a thing to change it and fulfill its purpose of protecting the lower gut. It's like a lorry load of toxic waste sneaking past a helpless sentry.

About now it's oozing into the intestine. And because you've been acidic for so long - (a byproduct of acidosis is constipation as the water from the stools is sucked out into the abdominal cavity to help move garbage) - your bowel is what doctors call "lazy". It moves slowly because it's full of hard feces. And being acidic, it burns the sensitive absorbent villi on the intestinal walls as it goes, even to the point of bursting though the intestine wall, flooding the abdominal cavity with filthy, rotting, acidic McGarbage that only a few hours ago was sitting on a shelf in a fast food outlet.!

So now we come to where all of the effects of excess acid conspire against us and our future health.

But first, do you know what a free radical really is? It's a positively charged oxygen atom or ion. And as we have learned it is oxidative. It breaks things down. It burns, it rusts.

So as always, in a perfect body, things work perfectly. In this perfect body it has a perfect purpose as the perfect little janitor, moving about and reacting with garbage, toxins or putrefying matter to oxidize it and render it down to its basic components.

Note that I said that's what it does in a perfect system, but an acidic system isn't a perfect system. As we have already discussed, virtually every system in an acidic body is under siege and working at far less potential than it was designed for. So things go wrong. They either over or under-perform, or they perform in a way they shouldn't. So it is with our free radical system. In a state of siege, or acidity, it produces too many free radicals, (ah well, better more than not enough, folks!) and being eager little fully active critters, they go forth and oxidize - anything! Not just putrid food or waste, but healthy cells! That's why our scientists say it is ageing us. They are acidic - positively charged, acting as a result of acid, in an acidic system.

How could they possible work in the way they were designed?

So what do we do about all this mess? We see the glossy advertisement for anti-oxidant capsules, tablets, exotic juices and the like and we spend six, seven, ten dollars a day gobbling them down.

What is it they have in those little capsules? They have chemical cages holding something we've now heard about; the H- hydrogen ion, the great donator, the giver, the lifesaver! Instead of drinking negative hydrogen loaded alkaline water at about two cents a liter, people are told they have to get their antioxidants in pills! What a setup! Companies make millions from the theory!

But does water really work? I was attending an exhibition of health systems three years ago. I'd been on our stand for three days. Three days of non-stop talking, and when someone told me there was a stand where you could have your antioxidant ability tested, my first reaction was that I couldn't possibly have a good reading. I was just too tired. However, it was free, and things were quiet, so I went to see what it was all about. Sure enough, there was the man, the computer and the test report coming out of a printer. He was trying to sell people on buying his brand of antioxidant pills, but he was quite happy to test me. "I've been talking non stop for three days." I said. "Will it still work?"

"That makes no difference," he replied. "The probe measures the carotene in the skin, and that's the best indicator of antioxidant ability."

"So what is a good score?" I asked. He explained that the top score was thirty on the computer's scale, and that very few people got anywhere near that.

I held out my wrist. He applied the probe and a minute later pulled the results from the printer, looking puzzled.

Nature's Anti-oxidant

"Are you sure you're not on some form of antioxidant supplement?" he asked with a slightly suspicious frown.

"None at all." I answered. "Why?"

"Because your score is the highest I've done all week. You are over the scale. You scored forty! What is it you do to get a score like that?"

I looked him in the eye to watch his reaction.

"I drink alkaline water."