Mama Mae's Frozen Food

Mama Mae's is a frozen prepared food company that brings authentic offerings to the urban community, and beyond. Mama Mae's intends to revolutionize the creation, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of frozen foods to urban communities, allowing once forgotten urban centers to celebrate their heritage, build community consciousness around meal enjoyment and preparation, and break the cycle of obesity.
Description Mama Mae’s began with a stroll through the frozen food aisle when we realized there were no products that connected with our heritage, our taste, and our health. It was our dream to create more balanced food options that taste just like Mama Mae’s delicious home cooking, but are easier to prepare. Most of the recipes our family gathered come right from mom, or are deeply inspired by her. Everyone... likes comfort food. We want Mama Mae’s recipes to speak to you, our community, our culture, and beyond. Like mom, our company is passionate about bringing you delicious food that you’ll not only love, but also feel great about eating. We’re on a journey to strike the perfect balance, and we’ll keep getting better!

Products > BBQ Beef Ribs
> Honey BBQ Chicken
> Turkey Chili
> Collard Greens
> Candied Yams
> Cooked Cabbage
> Roasted Vegetables
> Mac & Cheese

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