Description Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together. The principle of Ujamaa empowers families and communities to come together around their collective economic interest.

We've all heard the slogan "Buy Black" and we know how important it is to build successful (and responsible) Black businesses so that we can fund our... own social, political, and cultural initiatives, but what's the main excuse for not buying Black? "I don't know of that many Black-owned businesses." Sure there are some directories that focus on Black businesses, but frankly, they're ineffective, not extensive, and they're usually the last thing you think about when you need to find a product or service. Depending on which statistics you look at, the Black community spends between 4 and 8 cents of every dollar with Black-owned businesses. So the vast majority of our money is going to enrich people outside our communities that can't be expected to have any loyalty to our culture or needs. And we definitely can't keep relying on the government for jobs or funding. If we don't fund our own liberation, who will?

Most people are familiar with other group buying sites that send deals from a wide variety of businesses daily. We created Ujamaa Deals to take advantage of this group buying power and benefit both Black businesses and consumers. The businesses get exposure and guaranteed customers without any upfront expense, and consumers get deals on great products and services. See More