How to StopTerrorism
  Talking to my Ex today, she was upset  at the United States  Government, claiming that today they are a bunch of Pussy ass Bitches. First she said the reason we dont have Jobs is because they let everybody come into the country and take all the positions and how could they let 9/11 happen and go and play half assed with them , she said back in WWII when Japan creeped on Pearl Harbor the USA responed with two H-Bombs put the smack down on they're ass and that ended  their shit . We should have did the same thing on the terrorist,  fly over there and drop Nuclear bombs.Blow up the whole fucking country. I said what about the innocent people, she said they dont care about killing our innocent people we shouldn't care about theirs Nuke'em  all up,dont let they asses come to the USA and the ones thats over here watch 'em like a Hawk, bug their phones  tap into the computers You gotta set and example if anybody fuck with the USA  they gonna get their ass NUKED that way instead of being all worried and skeerrdd we be saying "I wish a Bitch would try that shit"  All I could say was  you may have something there.