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Never To Old to Start
Our government believes they are responsible for creating jobs in this great country. Well, they have it all wrong. It is the American dream that has created most of the jobs. That's right—more than 60 percent of jobs created in America are created by the small businesses, according to the Small Business Administration.
Not that long ago, retirement meant long days punctuated by occasional games of golf and bridge. But today, with lengthening life expectancies and dwindling pensions, many Americans are looking to create their own jobs. Here are some tips for those of you that think you want to start your own business:
[In Pictures: 6 Numbers Every Investor Should Follow.]
Common characteristics. Mature entrepreneurs differ from their younger counterparts in several critical ways. For one, they are usually in a much better financial position than younger entrepreneurs. Their bigger financial cushion—retirement packages, nest eggs, or home ownership—afford…

30-Day Challenge Kidz 4 Money


Gw Lawrence, Lattice Hardwick

Thank you for your interest in our Kidz 4 Money's Financial Education 30 Day Challenge for young people.

This event is to further the innovative lessons found in Kidz 4 Money’s INSIDE TRACK OF MONEY & WEALTH book, part of a MindSet of Wealth book series. We believe you will find that this book instills a great foundation for young people of all ages more than any other book on the market today. Parents and adults have confirmed... that its lessons are simple and far-reaching. Young readers enjoy the exercises and challenges within its pages.

On Sept. 1st, 2011 we will open a blog for comments, questions and sharing with course developers. It’s our hope that this interaction will forward opportunities in learning for all participants. It’s also our hope that this 30 Day Challenge will begin a positive dialogue in the home’s of our participants.

To begin the Challenge simply purchase the INSIDE TRACK OF MONEY & WEALT…

Fire Your Boss

Despite the fact that there are so many exciting benefits associated with owning a home-based business, many people choose not to take this path to earn a living.
One reason that people choose to work for someone else rather than work for themselves is the knowledge that they can expect a paycheck with a specific amount, at a specific time. That's called trading time for dollars. And people will work on these jobs for years until they are either fired or laid-off. What's the difference? You're still being lead out the door.
A home-based business is an operation with a great deal of flexibility and financial reward. The amount of effort you put forth and the amount of money you earn are not always one-to-one. As the owner of a home-based business you have the unique opportunity of increasing your earning potential while working less. And who wouldn't want to make more while working less? Set your own hours and work in your PJ's if so desired.
Is it possible to make…

How to StopTerrorism
  Talking to my Ex today, she was upset  at the United States  Government, claiming that today they are a bunch of Pussy ass Bitches. First she said the reason we dont have Jobs is because they let everybody come into the country and take all the positions and how could they let 9/11 happen and go and play half assed with them , she said back in WWII when Japan creeped on Pearl Harbor the USA responed with two H-Bombs put the smack down on they're ass and that ended  their shit . We should have did the same thing on the terrorist,  fly over there and drop Nuclear bombs.Blow up the whole fucking country. I said what about the innocent people, she said they dont care about killing our innocent people we shouldn't care about theirs Nuke'em  all up,dont let they asses come to the USA and the ones thats over here watch 'em like a Hawk, bug their phones  tap into the computers You got…

Ladies In Charge

Company: Intellectual Ventures
Position: President & Chief Operating Officer
Industry: Venture Capital & Private Equity
Country: United States

Adriane M. Brown is president and chief operating officer Intellectual Ventures, which focuses on funding the creation of new inventions and introducing new models for monetizing invention as a stand-alone asset. Brown is responsible for the day-to-day operations and will lead and manage a growing and dynamic organization of more than 650 employees worldwide. Brown will execute the company strategy set forth by the firm’s team of four co-founders.

Before joining IV, her most recent leadership position was senior vice president of energy strategy at Honeywell International. Before assuming that role, she was president and CEO of Honeywell Transportation Systems, a position she was appointed to in January 2005. Headquartered in Torrance, California, Honey…
Whatever you think about most of the time will come into your life most of the time. If you are angry most of the time things are going to happen to you that will make you angry Like the saying goes "Game recognize Game" so remember you caused it change bad events by being thankful so show GRATITUDE . Control your thoughts and you can virtually control the Game. Starting right now let's learn to control the game by putting out and recieving GOOD POSITIVE THOUGHTS, POSITIVE IMAGES,POSITIVE NEWS,POSITIVE PEOPLE,POSITIVE VIBES. Please if you have anything POSITIVE to share hit me up at



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