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Do It Yourself

Hey the Politrickers are going to take care of their own and keep on tricking us so now is the time to take control of our own. We need to, no we must find ways to make our own damm money, this is war everybody let's get a business registered with the state then use your tax I.D. to buy everything wholesale tell all your friends and neighbors lets do business with each other we all need food,water and clothes buy it wholesale and sell it,lady's buy an assortment of items as do men. The usual as well as the unusual,Maybe you can provide a service let's say you are a laid off plumber or whatever let the world know hey I am laid off and I can fix this or that for a better price. Sunday morning I made over $300 in about 5 hours selling superbowl T-shirts i created using my pc, how I brought 30 shshirts from the flea market for $45, copied a superbowl ad printed it out on transfer paper and whala! Now i'm da neighborhood T-shirt man.Some body said "JUST Do It" I s…