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R. Kelly - When A Woman Loves


The Five Stairsteps performing "O-o-h Child" on Soul Train

Politicians Enriches The Rich

Did you hear what I just heard, six billion dollar's going to home owners to fix up homes, it's nothing more than here take this money and give to my friends the rich Business owners , I cant give it to them directly cause it would lookk really bad so im going to give it you to put a few windows in your house and you would spend it with my friends who happen to own the company,so I'm going to explain this kickback to he world by saying i'm creating JOBS, Do you Poli/trickers think we believe that Multi-Billion dollar giveaway Reganomics dejavu trickle down,upside down,New World rulers so now the Beatles,Black Panthers,Abey Hoffman, S.D.S Martin Luther King,Ben&Jerry,Kanye West wake up everybody we gonna have a Revolution it's in the Constitution we have the right to abolish a Government that do not have the people's best intrest at heart look it up it;s in there somewhere, If I'm lying and the Government really do want to help the people then give us th…

Do It Yourself

Hey the Politrickers are going to take care of their own and keep on tricking us so now is the time to take control of our own. We need to, no we must find ways to make our own damm money, this is war everybody let's get a business registered with the state then use your tax I.D. to buy everything wholesale tell all your friends and neighbors lets do business with each other we all need food,water and clothes buy it wholesale and sell it,lady's buy an assortment of items as do men. The usual as well as the unusual,Maybe you can provide a service let's say you are a laid off plumber or whatever let the world know hey I am laid off and I can fix this or that for a better price. Sunday morning I made over $300 in about 5 hours selling superbowl T-shirts i created using my pc, how I brought 30 shshirts from the flea market for $45, copied a superbowl ad printed it out on transfer paper and whala! Now i'm da neighborhood T-shirt man.Some body said "JUST Do It" I s…