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The People's Stimulus Plan

Hey Mr. Prez I heard you say you're not here to fatten the fat cats on wallstreet , if you really want to jumpstart fixing this mess you can make us all fat with cash. Give it to us. Go to the IRS find out who really need cash base on reported income if they make say 35,000 or less annually They are then qualified to recieve monthly checks of $500 for a period of 6 months. Now with that monthly cash some people will go out and buy new things like Tv's,washers,dryers,computers,clothes,toy's,food you get the picture and oh yeah they may even pay off bills and save for a house. Now once these businesses start to make more money they in turn will hire new employees to handle the increase in business the effect of more people working creates even more money being spent and more businesses hire more workers. The more money being spent is now escalating to the point of an economic snowball now the ball is really rolling ;cars are being brought-effect Auto Industry back on track …

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