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Selling-Blogging and Drop Shipping

Wake up people jobs don’t last forever so I tried my hands at making my own money because .you can never depend on a job but you can always depend on yourself , that is if you got a hustle , a skill, a whip a ride to getting paid .I like to use several whips a.k.a. Multiple streams of Income on the internet, Selling items on various sites ,
I use EBay to sell Self-defense DVD’s Craig’s list to sell entertainment DVD’s and to sell high-tech Home Alarms, Stun Guns Spy cams ect. All these sites are very simple to use and cost little or nothing , you can sell old items new items or items you made yourself I plan to start blogging , it‘s like writing a news letter on the internet and getting paid for the ads that are click on by your readers
I know of a 12 year old making $3000 a month The trick is the more subscribers the more ad clicks you can possibly get. For those of you who don’t have access to a computer you can try your hands at direct sales ,there are companies …