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How to plant seeds

, i have to much time on my hands and don't know what to do . I got into making money with my PC and got lost along the way. I tried so many systems/scams I went back to looking for a job, i had better luck with my PC at least I have more hope of making a few sales using freebie sites like , craigslist, and ebay excuse me I just got a call from Big Mike he wants me to make a few mix Cd's normally I wouldn't do it but hey I tried to get a job at several record stores so this is payback I simply explained to him that if he would buy two of my advertising stickers I will make the Cd's for free sounds like a good idea , I'm gonna make some flyer's and post them all over town' oh that's old school I'm gonna use myspace 'buy a sticker and get a free Cd yeah dats the ticket. can someone explain to me how to monetize this idea with facebook,twitter you know social media platforms. I really need help Ideas, a mentor. Do you think the Pre…