Selling-Blogging and Drop Shipping

Wake up people jobs don’t last forever so I tried my hands at making my own money because .you can never depend on a job but you can always depend on yourself , that is if you got a hustle , a skill, a whip a ride to getting paid .I like to use several whips a.k.a. Multiple streams of Income on the internet, Selling items on various sites ,
I use EBay to sell Self-defense DVD’s Craig’s list to sell entertainment DVD’s and to sell high-tech Home Alarms, Stun Guns Spy cams ect. All these sites are very simple to use and cost little or nothing , you can sell old items new items or items you made yourself I plan to start blogging , it‘s like writing a news letter on the internet and getting paid for the ads that are click on by your readers
I know of a 12 year old making $3000 a month The trick is the more subscribers the more ad clicks you can possibly get. For those of you who don’t have access to a computer you can try your hands at direct sales ,there are companies that will supply you with catalogs to sell from and most will drop ship the products directly to your customers so you wont have to buy any items just make the sell
.take your portion of the money send the rest to the company and they ship the product to your customer
Times are hard but many hustles are waiting for you just think what do people need and then sell it to them.
I’m not telling anyone to quit their job what I am saying is get your hustle on so when the time comes and you’re out of work at least you’ll have something to help you carry the load. You may be only able to land a part time job but with a hustle on the side the load you carry is a lot lighter until one day your hustle on the side becomes your BIG PAYBACK You feel me ?