How to plant seeds

, i have to much time on my hands and don't know what to do . I got into making money with my PC and got lost along the way. I tried so many systems/scams I went back to looking for a job, i had better luck with my PC at least I have more hope of making a few sales using freebie sites like , craigslist, and ebay excuse me I just got a call from Big Mike he wants me to make a few mix Cd's normally I wouldn't do it but hey I tried to get a job at several record stores so this is payback I simply explained to him that if he would buy two of my advertising stickers I will make the Cd's for free sounds like a good idea , I'm gonna make some flyer's and post them all over town' oh that's old school I'm gonna use myspace 'buy a sticker and get a free Cd yeah dats the ticket. can someone explain to me how to monetize this idea with facebook,twitter you know social media platforms. I really need help Ideas, a mentor. Do you think the President use twitter do he know that to make the economy grow he has to plant the money at the bottom just like planting a seed in the ground makes a flower grow, give every household a nice chunk of change and stand back and watch the economy grow as we spend and buy, more goods will have to be produced, business will increase more companies will have to increase hiring now more money is being made oh no look out it's getting bigger you see money do grow on trees if you know where to plant the seeds. Just a Thought I may be crazy