how to make money with a PC, a Dummies journey

What's happening people, let me start from jumpstreet, I've had 3 jobs in the last 12 years, with each one ending virtually the same downsizing, layoffs and the most recently the company lost the contract, about 5 years ago I brought me PC mainly to download music and movies to resell , I later became fascinated with the worldwide web making various purchases until I decided that I should sell products too. So I tried Ebay after a year and a half I finally made my first sell next I'm going to try Amazon Astore. You see where I'm heading I dont know jack about computers I read ebooks on e-commerence and affilliate marketing , signed up to a number of companies sayin' yeah we can show u how to make money,or we can host your website and show u how to build your own site with just a few clicks of your mouse, Bull...t . I tried Ispeedway, 1 & 1 Hosting they all was to hard to understand , my next try was Google Adsense they taught me a little about starting my own blogs and copying and pasting html codes to advertise for my affilate companies I signed up with: and how to open up accounts with Commission Junction & Adwords: You can get in by going to to get your site up, now I know a little something about blogging and e commerence. I at least can see a pathway to making money on the net . My next lesson will be about search engines, What are they and how to use them to rocket my E-biz to outer space . I'll be back to tell you how I'm doing. Oh yeah I got to figure out how to get people to find my Blogs ,I guest dats what search engines are for . so stay cool & dont get mad, "Get Money"