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money millitant

I use to be a hard working guy until I got tired of jobs downsizing, getting pink slips after giving my loyalty to the bloodsuckas only to come to work one day and then Bam! getting the old heave ho out the door no more job now what,I need money three strikes your'e out this is my third layoff the boss says we loss the contract ,oh yeah I'm not gonna take it no mo',I'm gonna fight back Millitant style no more working for somebody else, I'm going to open my own money factory but first I got to get supplies , "Rich Dad Poor Dad"," the science of gettin rich",Think and grow Rich",the knowledge to start my revolution,wow i can make money by helping others to make money let me try some things out once they start amassing money i'm gonna recruit my Militant Money Makers ;You wanna join forces, hit me back with your money makin' ass.