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New $$ Factory Openning

I am proud to announce the openning of my new wealth building factories this is for all the people who are tired of filling out applications for jobs and not getting anything for your time, use your time more wisely by getting paid to surf the net, writting blogs and help others by letting them know about creating wealth through affilaite marketing and mutiple streams of income and heeerre's the links to making Mula$$.

Chillin' in Hotlauderdale

What’s up Bloggies ,I’m chillin in Hot=Lauderdale ,Florida it’s like a 100 degrees .so I get up and shower ,dress and before I can eat a fellow ex-coworker called to ask have our old job won a new contract , I told her to forget that dream and join me in my venture to create a home improvement directory all we have to do is get businesses to advertise their business cards or ads in our directory. She thought I was nuts ,I told her I might be nuts but I got money and a lot more money making plans to activate. It was time to cut all ties with dream killers and deleted her number . Time for me to get paid “ I’ll be BACK”

funklouderdale: Money Factory

Money Factory

O KKKay! here it is as promise I'm back with a list of my money factories; you wanna join just click on any or all of these links . the links are posted at the right . If a newbie like me can build a $$ factory you can do it. I'll be back with more information about how to get PAID

how to make money with a PC, a Dummies journey

What's happening people, let me start from jumpstreet, I've had 3 jobs in the last 12 years, with each one ending virtually the same downsizing, layoffs and the most recently the company lost the contract, about 5 years ago I brought me PC mainly to download music and movies to resell , I later became fascinated with the worldwide web making various purchases until I decided that I should sell products too. So I tried Ebay after a year and a half I finally made my first sell next I'm going to try Amazon Astore. You see where I'm heading I dont know jack about computers I read ebooks on e-commerence and affilliate marketing , signed up to a number of companies sayin' yeah we can show u how to make money,or we can host your website and show u how to build your own site with just a few clicks of your mouse, Bull...t . I tried Ispeedway, 1 & 1 Hosting they all was to hard to understand , my next try was Google Adsense they taught me a little about starting my own b…

money millitant

I use to be a hard working guy until I got tired of jobs downsizing, getting pink slips after giving my loyalty to the bloodsuckas only to come to work one day and then Bam! getting the old heave ho out the door no more job now what,I need money three strikes your'e out this is my third layoff the boss says we loss the contract ,oh yeah I'm not gonna take it no mo',I'm gonna fight back Millitant style no more working for somebody else, I'm going to open my own money factory but first I got to get supplies , "Rich Dad Poor Dad"," the science of gettin rich",Think and grow Rich",the knowledge to start my revolution,wow i can make money by helping others to make money let me try some things out once they start amassing money i'm gonna recruit my Militant Money Makers ;You wanna join forces, hit me back with your money makin' ass.

Concert footage

Right on ! hey you ever see those Tv ads where they are selling cd's and then they show clips from concerts of the bands,Im talking 'bout in rare form back in da day,why cant I find those old concerts on dvd any where all I can find is dvds of the bands making comeback appearances,I want to see them at their best not after they've gotten a little rusty ,I wnt the long hair drugged induce energy those concerts who got the stuff man! remember Grand Funk Railroad the late 60's early 70's some real soul and loud Rock can I get James Brown gettin down back in da day? holla back if you got a me a fixx u dig : Right On